Polines Researchers Develop Machine Learning-Based Rice Seed Identification Tool

Polines researcher Dr Sidiq Syamsul Hidayat ST MT has succeeded in developing a machine learning-based rice seed identification tool which he jointly developed with the Jember State Polytechnic.

This tool is the result of a grant received by Dr. Sidiq from the Ministry of Finance's Education Fund Management Institution (LPDP) in 2022.

According to Dr Sidiq, the tool he has developed can help farmers identify the quality of rice seeds more quickly and accurately. Previously, the process of identifying the quality of rice seeds was usually done manually by farmers, which of course took quite a long time and was not always accurate.

"The tool we have developed can identify the quality of rice seeds with a high degree of accuracy. In addition, the identification process can also be carried out more quickly and efficiently," explained Dr Sidiq to the press, Saturday (24/12/2022).

The tool has been tested and has given satisfactory results. Now, Dr Sidiq and his team are developing the tool so that it can be widely used by farmers throughout Indonesia.

"We hope that this tool can provide real benefits to farmers throughout Indonesia and increase agricultural productivity in our country," said Dr Sidiq.

For this reason, Dr. Sidiq and his team have collaborated on the DUDI (Business World Industry) program by collaborating with partners CV Adika Engineering who will produce/multiple tools and with CV Restu Tani Jember in the field of seed production who will use this tool.

The tool developed by Dr Sidiq and his team is a clear example of technological advances that can help farmers increase agricultural productivity. Dr Sidiq and his team hope that this kind of technological advancement will continue to develop in the future.

The research team consisted of Dr. Sidiq Samsyul Hidayat ST MT (Master of Applied Telecommunications Study Program, team leader), with members Dwi Rahmawati SP MP (seed expert from the Jember State Polytechnic Seed Center), Lilik Triyono ST MKom (Polines Computer Engineering Engineering study program), M Cahyo Edi Prabowo ST MT (Polines Electronics Study Program) and Tempest Resistance ST MT (Polines Telecommunications Study Program). This team was also assisted by two students from the Masters of Applied Telecommunications Polines Feny Rahmasari and Thomas as well as 2 Diploma students (Ilham Budi Prasetyo from Polines and Bima Oktasa from Jember State Polytechnic).

source krjogja.com

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