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Researching CRR, Lecturer at Polines Bagus Yunianto Wibowo Wins Doctorate from PDIM Unissula

Carrying out a dissertation entitled Achieving Marketing Performance through Customer Orientation and Religious Responsibility to Consumers, led the Semarang State Polytechnic (Polines) lecturer, Bagus Yunianto Wibowo SE SKom MM to earn a Doctorate from the Doctor of Management Sciences Program (PDIM), Faculty of Economics (FE) Unissula, Friday (10/3/2023).

Bagus Yunianto Wibowo, who is a lecturer in the Business Administration Department of the Marketing Management Study Program at Polines, successfully passed the open doctoral exam and now holds a Doctoral degree with a very satisfying graduation predicate. Bagus is the 27th doctor who graduated from PDIM FE Unissula.

This research, according to Bagus Yunianto Wibowo, aims to compile a model for developing Customer Religious Responsibility (CRR) to be able to realize the company's marketing performance and as a mediation for proactive relationships, innovation, and customer orientation.

According to him, the concept of CRR by incorporating Islamic religious values in it, in essence, is how companies are responsible to consumers and remember God, so they don't go around and don't lie in providing services to consumers, including that employees don't accept bribes and the products they produce are halal. .

Corporate responsibility lies with finances, the global environment and consumers. Related to consumers, companies must pay attention to the religious aspects (values) of Islam that exist. Meanwhile, with regard to research that takes the object of beauty clinics in Central Java, companies must pay attention to the religious aspect by being responsible to consumers. Among them are halal products, behavior towards consumers, acting fairly towards consumers, and fulfilling the trust given to consumers.

“The company always conveys honesty about its products with accountability to God. Producers label halal and employees behave cleanly. Then, what are the advantages if the company implements CRR? Because consumers are satisfied, the company will be able to improve performance, productivity and marketing," he explained.

However, if the company does not implement CRR, it is not good. "The point is, in implementing CRR, companies are not only oriented to consumers but also to God," he said.

The characteristics of companies that determine CRR can be seen in terms of service, employees, and products, based on the consequences of being accountable to Allah SWT, so that it is in accordance with what consumers want.

The doctoral open examination was supervised by external examiner Dr. Roby Setiadi SKom MM. Promoters Prof Dr Wuryanti MM and Prof Drs Widiyanto MSi PhD. While the examiners consisted of Prof. Dr. Widodo SE MSi (who also acted as chairman of the session), Prof. Dr. Heru Sulistyo SE MSi (Dean of FE), Prof. Dr. Ken Sudarti SE MSi and Dr. Alifah Ratnawati SE MM. Also present was the Director of Polines Prof. Dr. Totok Prasetyo. she

Source: jatengdaily.com

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