Polines Holds Electro Expo and Competition

Director of Semarang State Polytechnic (Polines) Prof. Dr. Totok Prasetyo B.Eng., MT, IPU, Asean Eng, ACPE with Head of the Department of Electrical Engineering Yusnan Badruzzaman ST, M.Eng. opened the "Electro Expo and Competition Polines 2023" Thursday (16/2/2022).

This expo activity has been regularly held since 2015, although initially it used to be an expo by a student's final project and was held in various malls in the city of Semarang. Then during the Covid-19 Pandemic, activities were carried out online.

"Now with a new concept, it is implemented on campus as a vehicle for introducing the campus. This new concept is also coupled with various competitions between Indonesian electrical students and bazaars," said the Director of Polines.

The inauguration of the 2023 Electro Expo and Competition Polines activities by the Director of Polines, Prof. Dr. Totok Prasetyo B. Eng., MT, IPU, Asean Eng, ACPE

In the same vein, Head of the Department of Electrical Engineering Yusnan Badruzzaman ST MEng and Chair of the Activity Committee Dr Amin Suharjono ST MT said that this event was also an event to train the development of hard skills and soft skills. Students practice soft skills, practice collaboration, leadership and others. Because even though they are engineering students, their work or assignments are not only technical, but at a certain level they have to do management, organization, have to empathize and others.

The types of competitions include 4 fields of competition, namely robot competitions, PLC control, Internet of Things, and UIUX Interface competitions. This year the competition is specifically for electrical students throughout Indonesia, but there is a possibility that at the next expo the competition will be added for the SMA/K category.

This competition activity was enthusiastically welcomed by electrical students from all over Indonesia, with evidence of no less than 135 (which accounted for 199) incoming proposal titles. Then it was selected which ultimately left the final 27 titles for the 4 categories of the competition. The competition was attended by 38 campuses throughout Indonesia, from 11 provinces (Sgi).

source : Krjogja.com

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